Monday, February 20, 2006

Rants and Raves, Poos and Oohs

I am miserable. Not only have I been sick with a bad cold and sore throat for over a week now, but I woke up with a case of pinkeye on Friday in addition to the usual back and leg aches that come with the bad disc. Under protest (because I HATE going to the Dr), I went to the doctor on Friday (only because I didn't want the kids to get it) and got some eye ointment, which I hate because it is a pain to apply and my vision is blurred for awhile after application. I've had pinkeye before and was given eye much better than the ointment! I have a different doctor this time though, and didn't feel comfortable asking for the drops. It's looking better today. The eyes still ache, and I'm still waking up with the crust but it's doing better. As for the cold, I guess I'm getting better slowly but surely. At least I've regained my sense of taste. (sigh)

On Saturday, we went over to Nextel and I traded in the blackberry 7100i for the i355 . It was a cool phone, but I couldn't do as much web stuff as I wanted too, and the battery life sucked. And I got a proposition from Alex that I couldn't turn down...why don't I exchange the phone and we'll get a laptop! Nice! I'm happy with my new phone, though. It's a very butch phone...not at all cute and sexy. Alex says that it would match the Hummer H2 that I want! LOL From the Nextel site: "It's certified to Military Standard 810 F for blowing rain, humidity, and salt fog. Designed to withstand exposure to rain, sleet, and snow. Rubber encasing, interior linings and seals protect the phone's antenna, speakerphone, keys, battery door, and accessory connections against water intrusion." It's a lot different than one that I would normally choose, but I love how it is really durable and can withstand being dropped or splashed by water (which I've done in the past). I've already personalized it by downloading some games, wallpapers, and ring tones. Love it! The only downside that I've found so far is that because it's made so's heavy! The muscles in my arm hurt a little from playing with it over the weekend, and my fingers hurt from sending text messages. It's not that I've sent a ton of messages, but you have to really push down on the buttons to key in your entries. We're all set on a laptop choice as well. Alex stayed up late to shop on Dell's website and I think we've settled on our choice. I'm so excited...I can't wait! :)

OOH, we went to Indian Buffet on Saturday night at Sher-E-Punjab. Everything was sooo good! Alex and I even got into the Bollywood movie playing on the plasma screen that was mounted on the much, that I'm having Alex call the restaurant to ask what movie was playing that night so that I can add it to my Netflix queue!

Since today's a holiday, the kids are home with me. It's been a good day so far and they're both doing a great job, not to mention the fact that they're getting along almost perfectly. Did I just jinx myself? Hope it lasts! LOL

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