Monday, February 13, 2006

Winter Fun and Games

I absolutely LOVE the winter olympics! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about them! Ok well maybe not everything...Why was Yoko Ono there? Is she supposed to represent unity because I thought that people blamed her for breaking up the Beatles? Also, I could have done without those funky alpine mountain dresses that those poor women had to wear during the parade of countries at the opening ceremony. Who designed that? Did they think it was fashionable couture to sew plastic olympic people and fake plastic trees onto a dress designed to look like a snowy mountain? Whatever. I'm not big on hockey either and could do without curling, but I'm so loving everything else. Did I mention that some of these guys are HOTTTT? I'm so excited that it's here once again and wish that it was longer than 17 days. The U.S. is doing pretty well with 4 gold and 2 silver medals so far. I would love to watch the winter olympics in person someday.

Speaking of winter, did you hear about the crazy winter storm that the East Coast is having? The Baltimore/Washington area got 20 inches! Could you imagine? I'm so glad that we're not living in Baltimore anymore because that is just too damn crazy! I lived there for a few years back when Alex was still in college at Johns Hopkins University. When I first moved there in December of 1993, they were having the worst winter storm in years and I must have stayed in bed for 2 weeks because it was so damn cold! Coming from Hawaii, it was a shock. Looking back on it, that storm was nothing compared to 20 inches! That is an insane amount to be getting at one time. I couldn't imagine, nor deal with all of that mess!

I kinda feel guilty enjoying the nice weather we're having out here. We're supposed to have a high of 74 today. Nice!

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day! YAY! :)

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