Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ewww, I'm Going To Puke!

Right now I'm watching the Mtv's True Life: I'm a Competitive Eater episode that I have tivo'd. It profiles three individuals who are competitive eaters and shows how they train for various competitions and also shows them competing as well. I am seriously going to puke. I'm sitting here watching them stuff food into their mouths like they're some sort of garbage disposal and it's truly disgusting, not to mention so unattractive! How can one eat so much food? And why would you want to? One of the guys that's on here is from Japan, who is a champion competitive eater...including the Nathan's hot dog competition. He says that when he competes, he competes against himself and always tries to beat his personal best. For the Nathan's competition that's approaching, his goal is 55 hot dogs in the given time frame. Bleh! That's a BIG chunk of cow! Aren't hot dogs made from cow scraps? I'll eat a hot dog here and there, but 55 in one sitting? Oh and the prize isn't even's the mustard belt! It's insane! His occupation is only being a competitive eater. He must make a good living considering that he's THE top dog in competitive eating. I wonder how much money he spends in food for training, not to mention a good plumber? By the way, he came in first by eating 49 hot dogs!

They showed another individual who is a wall street trader by day and a competitive eater on the side. He's trying to stretch his stomach out for these competitions by eating 11 pounds of various foods (bananas, yogurt, oatmeal, strawberries, pudding, etc.) and then drinking 2 pounds of water afterwards. He came in second for the Nathan's french fry competition and now he's training for the Nathan's hot dog competition as well. This is so crazy...all for a bedazzled mustard colored belt that resembles a wrestling belt! Unfortunately for him, he came in 9th out of 16th. Sorry Charlie! Hope you're good at being a day trader. Don't quit your job.

The last individual seems small time to me in mostly entering local contests, and isn't as "skilled" as the other two. He entered a hot wings eating contest and they're now showing him in a spoonbread eating contest. Why? Why? Why?

So here's the kicker. All of these guys are slim! What the hell!?! Is that some kind of sick joke for us who aren't so blessed with their metabolism? Whatever. I'm over it. Delete.

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