Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sucks doesn't it. :(

Mmmhmm! Bobby Trendy says, "Don't hate me because I'm a sexy biotch! You wish you looked all sassy sexy like me! Luxurious!"

Now, I'm not a Bobby Trendy fan, but I just had to post this picture because I want these pants! Can I have mine say Bitch? HAHA I wonder if I can find a bedazzler on Ebay and make them myself!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Memories revisited!

Isn't it funny how random little things trigger memories? While I was blogging away at the post that disappeared, "...demerits!" intruded its way into my thoughts. The kids were here in my room watching The Sword in the Stone and when I heard that word, my thoughts were instantly paused and my mind was rewinded back to my senior year of high school, where we had a demerit system and was also forced to watch this Disney movie for Linnea's English class. "GREEN TICKET PLEASE!" was the next thing that rang into my head. Linnea, our English teacher, had a weird green ticket system where we were all given 3 green tickets at the beginning of the week. These tickets could be used as a sort of "get out of our jail cells free" card, and we could go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc. during class if we wanted to, provided that we had a ticket to give her. Any infraction of her classroom penal codes and we would have to forfeit a green ticket. I always thought it was a weird system with flaws. She often forgot to collect the remaining green tickets at the end of the week, so it was easy to build up a nice collection of them. Even if you didn't have a secret stash, you could always secretly borrow one from someone else. I've also seen a couple of people cutting their tickets in half...two for the price of one! I found it kind of insulting to treat seniors that way! I mean hello?!...we were on the steps of adulthood! What if I didn't have a green ticket and I really had to pee? Would she have me pee on the floor? LOL Wouldn't be my fault and I could at least get out of those uniforms for a bit! I might have even tried it back in the day if it wasn't so embarrassing! ;)

Earlier this week, I remembered how I had my secret little crush on Lee Davis, our school's Jostens representative. I was going to marry him and make him one of my husbands (I had quite a running tally LOL)! I wonder if he's still a Jostens man? I'll have to Google him later and find out. Ok, so I couldn't wait and searched at Jostens.com for my alma mater's rep. Wasn't him anymore. I didn't think so, but then again you never know.

I've been having a lot of high school memories lately, mainly because I'm still reading through the box of letters that I brought back from my parent's house. It seems like so long ago, and yet just yesterday all at the same time, from the "Well, well, wells" of a sweet friend of mine that I'm still occasionally in touch with, to the nose hair jokes of that certain tall Texan classmate I'll call Delaney (Geez, I hope he's learned the art of manscaping by now! tee hee). It would be nice to have a class reunion in Hawaii soon. Since our private school doesn't have organized reunions, I've been thinking a lot of trying to set one up. Unfortunately, I wouldn't know how to get a hold of everyone, even though we were the senior class of a whopping 12 and mostly everyone still lives in HI. Besides, I have no idea if people would be interested anyway. Ah well, moving on. Back to life...back to reality. :)

Oh no it didn't!

I am so pissed right now. Here I sit, blogging away to my little heart's delight, and Firefox decides that it's not going to respond to me. I don't know what happened. I only had 4 windows open and besides, this is a new computer! Ugh! Whatever...pissy thing!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Here I am with my beloved. Aren't we cute? This was the taken the night that the kidlets were sleeping over at my parents house, and we went out to dinner for Hubby's birthday. I'm getting pretty good at those self-portrait shots, don't you think? Can't even tell that my left arm is holding the camera out infront of us.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Intervention on A&E--Have you seen this?

Tivo, Alex & I had a threesome and tuned into Intervention last night. It's a new program on A&E airing Sunday nights about people with various addictions (thinking that they're only filming a show on addictions), and midway through the show their family surprises them with a group intervention resulting in them being whisked away to rehab. We've watched 3 of these episodes so far, and my heart just bleeds for these people. It's so sad to see someone suffering so much, just tormented to the point where they have to turn to various things to feel in control when their life is taking an opposite turn. Last night's episode was the worst I've seen. One of the profiles shown was Tamela, a 24 yr old that was molested three times as a child and turn to cutting to deal with her pain. It was so heart wrenching to hear her story unfold, see scars from previous times, and then see her actually cutting herself with a razor blade to the point where she's soaked her clothing and sheets in blood. I just wanted to cry. There was so much pain in her eyes, and yet you could tell that she was trying almost too hard to be happy in front of others to cover it up. They all knew though, because she's told them before that she does it. I don't know...I just couldn't imagine seeing anyone in my life going through the same torment. If I knew that someone was a cutter, even if I didn't exactly know the right thing to do, I don't think I could just sit there and allow it to keep happening. Maybe it was because of editing, but we thought it was obvious that she was crying out for help. I guess that when someone is that close to you, you just don't want to see how serious the situation really is, or you're just paralyzed by the thought of the unknown. Whatever the reason, I'm glad that in the end she got the help that she needed and since taping the episode, she hasn't cut herself in over 200 days. Unfortunately though, there are 2 million others out there that need saving as well.

Anyway, sorry for the downer post today. Maybe it's the rain outside...or maybe I just need some comfort carbs. ;) Cold stone anyone?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Have A Confession That I've Cheated...TWICE!

Husband and I are on South Beach again and so far it's been a month come tomorrow. We took a break this past Saturday and celebrated his birthday at Scott's. We didn't go carb crazy--I still ordered my filet and scallops w/no mashed potatoes and extra veggies, but did have some crab cakes, melon salsa and bbq sauce on the oysters, and shared a tiramisu for dessert. See? Not so bad. I figured that it wouln't hurt to indulge a little because we're still on phase 1. We've both lost around 6 lbs this time around (with just the food part...I haven't been able to work out and Hubby's been too busy to start up), and I just want to lose another 4 before switching to phase 2. Anyway, last night we had so much to do, with helping to finish our son's science fair project in addition to his homework that he still had to do, on top of the both of them coming home late. Since we had all of this and my back is still bothering me, Husband decides that we should order out so that I wouldn't have to cook. I sooo had been wanting Japanese for a long time and decided to say a big "up yours" to SB and get take-out from Aloha Sushi (www.alohasushiusa.com). Yeah, let's just say I had a bad carb attack last night. Not only did I order the sesame chicken that's deep fried in the breading, but ordered 2 rolls of sushi and enjoyed every white rice morsel that was stuck in those rolls. Shit, I'm a good person that's been crippled lately, and I deserve a treat! ;) I should've opted for a bowl from Chipotle, which I was going to do before Japanese popped into my head and rolled off my tongue before I could bite it to stop talking. I'll be back on SB today, that is after my leftovers are eaten for lunch! tee hee It's so hard because we want to eat healthy, but difficult to do so when ordering out because choices are still very limited. Can't they make sushi or serve meals w/brown and wild rice? Not have so many deep fried choices? Make teriyaki or other sauces with splenda instead of sugar? I've made my own teri sauce using splenda at home and it's good! Is there such thing as a whole grain tortilla? If not, can I get my fish taco grilled instead of fried and wrapped in lettuce instead of a tortilla? I love SB because it's not so much of a diet, and it's not even a low carb diet...just eating the right carbs. I'm not kicking down other diets, but my husband and I have found that SB is the right one for us. So forgive me Dr. Agatston for I have strayed! I'll be back on the wagon today after lunch!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Judge Says CA Can't Ban Gay Marriage

So yesterday a judge ruled that a same sex marriage ban is unconstitutional, likening the ban to racial segregation and also said that there was "no rational purpose" to deny them their marriage rights. Finally! FINALLY there was someone out there among the PTB (powers that be) that had some sane rational sense in him! I cannot believe that we still live in a time where people have to fight tooth and nail, clawing their way through life to be who they want to be and love who they want to love. We are still living ass-backwards after all these years. Why does love have to be so wrong in their eyes? I mean what are haters out there afraid of? The whole "separate but equal rights" thing is just so fucked up! People are people. What, are we all cans at the grocery store with labels on them that determine if they can go on the top shelf or the bottom shelf? We shouldn't treat anyone like the dented cans that are thrown in the clearance basket. Oh goodness, look at me talking about folks like we're all living under one big Whole Foods market! LOL Seriously though, things HAVE got to change, and I would like to think that this ruling was a big step in the right direction for the good of humanity. This ruling is huge and I would like to stay positive about it, but the homo-haters probably have this set to go on to a court of appeals already. Unfortunately it could be months, or even years, before we'll know if same sex marriages will be sanctioned by the state. The fight continues...

Monday, March 14, 2005

Oh Memories!

It was long overdue, but I FINALLY brought back some of my childhood things from my parent's house this past weekend. Among the endless boxes of teeny bopper magazines (New Kids on the Block rule! Jordan was SOOO my flavor of the week!) and other nostalgia from my past, I found a box of letters that I've kept from as far back as 8th grade. It's so interesting to go back, read and remember pieces of my past, and to look back on things that seemed so important and pressing to a teenager's life, only to realize now that most of those things weren't all that big, and our reactions just somewhat dramatic. LOL Such fond memories and you know, it's all we knew back in the day! I had no bills, no health problems, and my only cares in the world were my friends & family, boys, boys, school, boys, what my celebrity faves were up to, what my wedding would be like to them, and what my friends and I were doing on the weekends. Who knew that years later I'd be married to my wonderful husband and have 2 beautiful kids. It's such a mindtrip though, because I hardly remember that girl that I used to be. Not that I've completely changed over the years, but a lot has happened since 8th grade and my 30th birthday that has all shaped me into the person that I am today. I haven't finished reading through all of the letters and notes, but some of them have already made me smile, laugh and have even shocked me. I've even found phone numbers and letters from guys that I met (some of those which I wound up dating for a whopping week!) I even have letters written in GREEK! You see, there was a big note/letter passing crackdown at my school and people had started getting careless...losing them only to have them found by teachers and turned into the principal. So we thought that we would write letters in greek so they wouldn't know what it said. The only stink of it though, was that you had to have the greek alphabet code with you when you read it or else you wouldn't know what the hell it said. I also found letters written in pig latin (which looking at it now, it's so obvious to see what it says) and shorthand! LOL Passing notes may not sound like a big deal because who didn't pass notes? I went to a very strict Christian school though and the things written in those letters weren't so Christian by Hanalani's rules, not to mention that note passing was 10 demerits. We used to call it the Institution, or HCF--Hanalani Correctional Facility. LOL I mean come on, they gave out demerits for girls and boys sitting less than 6 inches closer to each other. Before they switched over to uniforms, our skirts had to touch the floor when we kneeled and the slit was to be no more than 2 inches long and believe me, they checked! I used to think that their strict hard-ass rules were so untolerable and almost cruel, but looking back it wasn't so bad. We all found ways to work around it and make the best of our school days. ;) We were all like family because the school was so small--about 150 students from grades 7 through 12th on the same campus. It was the students--my friends who were like family, that made me want to be there, so much so that when I went to Hawaii on vacation the summer before my senior year, I wound up staying and going back there for my senior year of high school. I guess life at that school wasn't all that bad like we all thought when we felt trapped there and I'd like to think that I came out of the whole experience as a pretty good person. Oh the memories! Good times!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My love affair with Tivo!

Tivo's a wonderful thing, don't you think? Let me tell you, if you don't have one yet, you are soooo missing out, especially if you're a tv addict like myself! We have 2 of them in the house, and since my back's been giving me trouble again (compressed disc), Tivo's 1 and 2 and I have been having a hot love affair. We could go for hours without end, sometimes with my husband for a threesome, with a group of friends or sometimes without. We can even have the kids involved and don't even have to kick the dog out of the room! Oh, the feeling of having control over the tv...or do I really? See I thought I had all the power in the world! I could pause, rewind and fast forward. I could FF through commercials and not have to be tempted by ads for pizzas or subs, or grossed out by tampon commercials while I'm trying to eat. I can rewind for those "What did they say?" moments. I can pause when I have to go to the bathroom. I can record programs! Well, all of these conveniences and more come with a price...a big price! Because it has seduced me with those features, especially the "season pass", I have become a junkie. I am ashamed to say that I have around 50 season passes only on one of them and that even with 2 of them in the house with dual tv tuners, it's time to upgrade to a bigger one that holds more programs. I can hardly remember what life was like without them and I swear I'd die if I ever had to go back to life without them! Well, I guess regardless of who holds the power in this love affair...I love my Tivo and Tivo loves me!