Friday, March 25, 2005

Memories revisited!

Isn't it funny how random little things trigger memories? While I was blogging away at the post that disappeared, "...demerits!" intruded its way into my thoughts. The kids were here in my room watching The Sword in the Stone and when I heard that word, my thoughts were instantly paused and my mind was rewinded back to my senior year of high school, where we had a demerit system and was also forced to watch this Disney movie for Linnea's English class. "GREEN TICKET PLEASE!" was the next thing that rang into my head. Linnea, our English teacher, had a weird green ticket system where we were all given 3 green tickets at the beginning of the week. These tickets could be used as a sort of "get out of our jail cells free" card, and we could go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc. during class if we wanted to, provided that we had a ticket to give her. Any infraction of her classroom penal codes and we would have to forfeit a green ticket. I always thought it was a weird system with flaws. She often forgot to collect the remaining green tickets at the end of the week, so it was easy to build up a nice collection of them. Even if you didn't have a secret stash, you could always secretly borrow one from someone else. I've also seen a couple of people cutting their tickets in half...two for the price of one! I found it kind of insulting to treat seniors that way! I mean hello?!...we were on the steps of adulthood! What if I didn't have a green ticket and I really had to pee? Would she have me pee on the floor? LOL Wouldn't be my fault and I could at least get out of those uniforms for a bit! I might have even tried it back in the day if it wasn't so embarrassing! ;)

Earlier this week, I remembered how I had my secret little crush on Lee Davis, our school's Jostens representative. I was going to marry him and make him one of my husbands (I had quite a running tally LOL)! I wonder if he's still a Jostens man? I'll have to Google him later and find out. Ok, so I couldn't wait and searched at for my alma mater's rep. Wasn't him anymore. I didn't think so, but then again you never know.

I've been having a lot of high school memories lately, mainly because I'm still reading through the box of letters that I brought back from my parent's house. It seems like so long ago, and yet just yesterday all at the same time, from the "Well, well, wells" of a sweet friend of mine that I'm still occasionally in touch with, to the nose hair jokes of that certain tall Texan classmate I'll call Delaney (Geez, I hope he's learned the art of manscaping by now! tee hee). It would be nice to have a class reunion in Hawaii soon. Since our private school doesn't have organized reunions, I've been thinking a lot of trying to set one up. Unfortunately, I wouldn't know how to get a hold of everyone, even though we were the senior class of a whopping 12 and mostly everyone still lives in HI. Besides, I have no idea if people would be interested anyway. Ah well, moving on. Back to life...back to reality. :)

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