Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Have A Confession That I've Cheated...TWICE!

Husband and I are on South Beach again and so far it's been a month come tomorrow. We took a break this past Saturday and celebrated his birthday at Scott's. We didn't go carb crazy--I still ordered my filet and scallops w/no mashed potatoes and extra veggies, but did have some crab cakes, melon salsa and bbq sauce on the oysters, and shared a tiramisu for dessert. See? Not so bad. I figured that it wouln't hurt to indulge a little because we're still on phase 1. We've both lost around 6 lbs this time around (with just the food part...I haven't been able to work out and Hubby's been too busy to start up), and I just want to lose another 4 before switching to phase 2. Anyway, last night we had so much to do, with helping to finish our son's science fair project in addition to his homework that he still had to do, on top of the both of them coming home late. Since we had all of this and my back is still bothering me, Husband decides that we should order out so that I wouldn't have to cook. I sooo had been wanting Japanese for a long time and decided to say a big "up yours" to SB and get take-out from Aloha Sushi ( Yeah, let's just say I had a bad carb attack last night. Not only did I order the sesame chicken that's deep fried in the breading, but ordered 2 rolls of sushi and enjoyed every white rice morsel that was stuck in those rolls. Shit, I'm a good person that's been crippled lately, and I deserve a treat! ;) I should've opted for a bowl from Chipotle, which I was going to do before Japanese popped into my head and rolled off my tongue before I could bite it to stop talking. I'll be back on SB today, that is after my leftovers are eaten for lunch! tee hee It's so hard because we want to eat healthy, but difficult to do so when ordering out because choices are still very limited. Can't they make sushi or serve meals w/brown and wild rice? Not have so many deep fried choices? Make teriyaki or other sauces with splenda instead of sugar? I've made my own teri sauce using splenda at home and it's good! Is there such thing as a whole grain tortilla? If not, can I get my fish taco grilled instead of fried and wrapped in lettuce instead of a tortilla? I love SB because it's not so much of a diet, and it's not even a low carb diet...just eating the right carbs. I'm not kicking down other diets, but my husband and I have found that SB is the right one for us. So forgive me Dr. Agatston for I have strayed! I'll be back on the wagon today after lunch!

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