Monday, September 29, 2008

Lonely and Bloggin'

Alex had to go into the office today. Correction, Alex has to go into the office from now on. He had a staff meeting on Friday and they're enforcing the No Telecommuting Unless Prior Authorized so I'll be here...alone, from now on with the canines. (Sigh) The house seems so empty and quiet. It's nice that I don't have to worry about being too loud, but now I miss him so much. :( By the way, have I shown you my baby Hanai?

Isn't she cute? We adopted her the day after Thanksgiving when she was 10 months old, and it's hard to believe that we've had her for almost a year.
She's a sweetie though, a spoiled sweetie and we all love her! She is the one that keeps me company, not Buster, who is so old that he just sleeps and snores all day. She always seems to know when I'm in pain (which has been a constant since the day after Labor Day) and always wants to comfort her mama. :) The kids just adore her...yes, even Tyler who was nipped by a the neighbor's chihuahua and has been scared of animals biting him ever since. They baby her all the time and Hanai loves getting carried, chased around, cuddled and scratched. In turn, the kids get plenty of licks and snuggles with our little chihuahua mix.

We have a new fish in the family too!

It's a crowntail betta and it's the coolest betta that I've ever seen! He's still unnamed and I hope to call him something more than "fishy" soon. :) A few weeks ago, the kids went to church with my parents and brought home two goldfish from the church carnival. They were in the plastic water bags for awhile, and we had hoped that we could care for them enough to have them survive. Sadly, they didn't. Alexis was a little sad and traumatized, saying that she doesn't want another fish, but Tyler still wants one. We'll see how that goes. We have a large aquarium for their fish, it's just a matter of cleaning it out and finding somewhere to set it up. Also, why must fish stands be so expensive? $90 for one that looks like actual furniture!

Anyway, it's been ages since I've blogged...since I've really blogged. I read over my entire blog this morning and have noticed a few things:
  1. I swear...a lot!
  2. I'm in pain...a lot!
Hopefully I can find other things to blog about besides pain and cursing. LOL ;) I am an open book though, and I'm willing to share anything, whether it's good or bad.

I've found something new that I can do on my iPhone. Twitter! I love it! It's posting short little this-n-thats out into cyberspace and "tweeting" back and forth with newfound friends. I have three Twitter apps on my phone and can't decide which one is THE one that I want to exclusively use. Any Twitter peeps have a preference among Twitterrific, Twinkle and TwitterFon? Please e-mail or comment me back with your opinions.

Speaking of my beloved iPhone, there's something wrong with my camera. I took a couple of pictures yesterday and the pictures seemed like one of those number puzzles that you shift the blocks around to order from 1 to 12. It doesn't happen all the time. I took one picture yesterday that was normal. The next one was the weird number puzzle, and then the one after that was vertically cut in half but in the wrong order. The next one after that was normal again. Weird! This is only the third time that it's happened, but I'm still irritated at the fact that it's just another problem that has to be fixed. Ugh! At least the software update has turned out to be a positive. I am loving the better signal strength and longer battery life. Can we please have an mms & video app soon?

(sigh) I'm lonely and babbling. LOL What's new with you?