Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Embrace the salty the salty seaman! Ok, so the family and I are walking over to Joe's Crab Shack for some lunch one day and I don't remember exactly what I said, but I made a comment about wanting to take their picture with the "salty seaman". I didn't realize how it sounded until I saw the look of surprise and "what did you just say?" on my husband's face. Needless to say, he took my picture with the seaman for the sole purpose of repeating the story someday. Pretty funny, but geez...where was his mind that day? ;-)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Mmmm....peppermint mochas! It's the Starbucks drinker's crack I tell ya! LOVE THIS! I've got some in the fridge now so that I can reheat and have a fix later. I'll have to buy some Torani peppermint syrup and try and make my own once it's stripped from the menu until the next holiday season.

Aah...the holidays!

Merry belated Christmas all! I've been really busy because of the holidays, so I haven't blogged in awhile. This year was a good fact I'm a little sad to see it done and over with already. The only remnants of Christmas are the few leftovers still in the fridge, decorations that have yet to be put away and the impending bills from spreading our holiday cheer. I'd say that we're in debt a good $600 or so, but who's counting? Yet overall, it was good times all around and I only hope that next year is the same or maybe even better...well, without so much holiday debt.

Can you believe that 2005 is just around the corner? When I was younger, I don't even think I thought about or planned after 1999 thanks to Prince! But here we are knocking on 2005 when I'm not finished enjoying '04 yet. I turned 30 this year and was fine with it, but I'm not sure I want to be 31. My daughter will start kindergarten in the fall of '05 and my son will be in 3rd grade. Where does the time go? No big plans for New Year's Eve though. Probably the same as last year with a movie night with the kids and then later watching the worldwide celebrations on tv. Looking forward to the New Year's Day family get together though. Getting together with family is always fun! I'll bring the mochi and the guava cream cheese delight! :)

Have a happy and safe New Years everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Saw this sign at Joe's Crab Shack. AIN'T IT!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

So Pedro decides to sign with the Mets. Interesting...considering that the new Mets manager is Willie Randolph, who was with the Yankees during Pedro's clash with Don Zimmer. Business is business I guess and winning has its price. Everyone wants to win right? As a Yankees fan, I sure as hell did not want him on our side and can't wait to stick it to his ugly ass!

Yankees news--Carl Pavano's this close to a contract agreement with the Yanks. Thank you! Can we have a strong & healthy bullpen this season?