Thursday, February 09, 2006

The 2006 Grammys

Do you know what the best way to watch the grammys is? TIVO! I recorded it last night and I'm loving the fact that I can fast forward through all of the crap that I don't want to see. I've already watched 2 hours of it in 45 minutes! Did anyone see Matt Dillon? Damn he is still hot! And I am so impressed that Kelly Clarkson won 2 grammys! I wonder if other past AI winners will achieve the same success. Hey is it just me or is there always a ton of commercials on during award ceremonies? And is there anyone else tired of seeing Destiny's Child? It seems like it's taking them forever to retire! Just go already! Damn that's like when performers go on a farewell tour for like 3 years or something! Other disses of mine for the night... Madonna in spandex. Yes, she absolutely has the body for it, but that thing was just fug! There were some things that I loved about the grammys as well. The opening with the gorillaz animation was awesome! Also, Gwen Stefani looked so radiant in all of her pregnancy splendor. Too cute! This year's Grammy awards have left me kind of empty this year...and not just because I spent most of the time fast forwarding. It was just kind bland this year. I don't know, maybe it's because the music that I like isn't featured too often, or maybe I'm just over the music awards altogether.

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