Monday, August 01, 2005

OH Hell to the NO!

My neighbor is a fucking nut! I'm in my bedroom when I hear these strange noises followed by "FUCK!" and some shouting coming from somewhere outside. At first I thought my back neighbor was working on his yard again or doing something with the fence and got hurt, so I rushed over to the window and didn't see anything. The noises continued so I went over to the side window where I saw my neighbor wielding an axe through the fence swinging it around at the bees and yelling at them because they're stinging him! I don't know whether he was just drunk, smoking crack, or what the hell was going on with him, but I stood there watching like it was a train wreck! At first it looked like he and his bar-fuck-now-live-in lady friend were having domestics because it looked like he was looking in the windows, holding the axe and trying to get her to let him in the house. Then he starts chasing bees around with it and yelling at them because they're stinging him in self defense! WTF! I wanted to go and get the camera so I could film him being an idiot (and have something to show the authorities should he become a threat to us), but somehow I couldn't step away from the window! HAHA Yes folks, that is trash at its finest!

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