Thursday, April 14, 2005

She did it!

Last night we all ventured out to the mall so that the birthday girl could have her birthday present early, and be ready for her 5th birthday today. She did it! She got her ears pierced and was very brave about the whole thing. She did one ear at a time without a tear, whimper or the slightest ouch! She said that it didn't hurt, and afterwards was very quick to tell EVERYONE in the mall she passed that she " just got her ears pierced at Claire's!" be 5 again!


SOH said...

Your daughter is very sweet and looks very happy. Best wishes to her for a very Happy Birthday!

I must be a complete perv because when I first looked at the picture, it appeared she was holding a pretty pink condom. How sick is that?

Your blog is interesting. Keep up the good work.


allkindsofstaci said...

It's actually a sticker that says, "Just got my ears pierced at Claire's." HAHA Thanks for stopping by! :)

Auntie Cole said...

Ohmigawd look at my girl! I haven't seen them in forever! Give both the kids a big hug from me. Then you and hubby give each other a hug and those hugs are from me too! hahaah