Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Disappearing Posts 'N Shtuff

Hmm...blogger's being testy lately. First my internet window crashed early last week while blogging, and now 2 entries that I e-mailed in haven't posted.

The Pope passed away on Saturday. Cardinals are now holding meetings to find a successor. I mean no disrespect, but can someone tell me why Pontiffs have to be OLD old?

The Yankees kicked serious Red Sux ass on Sunday and won their season opener 9-2. YAY!

"I Heard A Rumor" that Bananarama's back, but minus Siobhan Fahey and Jacquie O'Sullivan. You can check out their stuff at http://bananarama.co.uk Ok NKOTB, it's your turn! ;)

Speaking of NKOTB, did anyone catch Jordan Knight on last season's Surreal Life? I would have seriously thrown myself at him back in the day (I've even snuck into their hotel and climbed 36 flights of stairs to see them), but now he is sooooo not hot! His 15 minutes of fame, along with everything else has fizzled! Anyway, I'm onto way hotter things to, (ahem), be a fan of such as:

www.bamargera.com There's just something about skating and skaters in general. Is 30 too old to learn how to skate and be a sk8er chick? Viva La Bam! Seasons 2 and 3 are out on dvd April 12th.


www.evanfarmer.net I never knew of him back from his 2ge+her days on MTV, and I seriously didn't like him when he first became the host of While You Were Out. He's funny and silly though, not to mention easy on the eyes and has grown on me, and now I TIVO him every week.

Anyhoochie, laundry calls. My new high efficiency front load washer (insert angelic glow and sounds here) arrives on Sunday, so I'm off to finish up the old detergent with the piles of clothes that are accumulating. XOXO

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AJ said...

You got a NEW WASHER?!?!? :-)

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