Thursday, May 12, 2005

TV Rants and Raves For The Week So Far

Ok, first off I have to talk about The Amazing Race. I am glad, SO GLAD that Uchenna and Joyce won and not Rob and Amber! I was originally rooting for Lynn and Alex, but since they were eliminated, Uchenna and Joyce was the team for me. I didn't mind Ron and Kelly either, until their fighting got worse and then Ron turned into an ass. I cannot stand Rob and Amber! He is such an asshole, which makes her one by association and also because of the fact that she went along with his shadiness, and by them not winning is karma just coming back to stick it to them in the ass! I love how Uchenna and Joyce would not cross the finish line until they paid the cab driver. I'm sure production was loving this because it made for good ratings. I wonder if there was talk amongst the other race participants and Phil at the finish about how they were there, but begging for the last $25 for the cab. If I were one of the teams waiting, I would be digging into my pockets and see if I had the money to give them so that they could pay the driver and win the thing already! HAHA I wonder how long they were actually out there. And editing made it seem like Rob and Amber were right around the corner just seconds into pulling into the parking lot. I hate how editing manipulates you! YAY Uchenna and Joyce!

Damn 24! I hate how they intertwine this sappy romance BS into the show. I love the storyline and action, but it's such a turn off when they throw in a dash of drippy sappy lines here, with a handful of romance crap there. The scenes with Audrey and Jack are fine, but the ones with Tony and Michelle just make me want to throw up! What's with the "I never wanted things to end up this way...I can't live without you" crap? This isn't the show for that! It's not daytime television!

Family Plots--I love them! Not so fond of Rick, and Chuck is just something else, but overall they seem like such nice caring people! I want them to handle my arrangements when it's my time to go.

Trading Spaces--I hate the new format without Paige. I love how there is a carpenter for each house now, and the ending where the designer and carpenter gets to actually watch and speak with the homeowners afterwards. I still feel that there is a big part of the show missing and that is Paige Davis. Her personality and charisma brought something extra to the show and that presence is missed!

While You Were Out--Love the show, love Evan, but please...he needs to cut his hair! I want to apply for the show, but it would be such a big production to get Alex, the kids, and the dog out for a few days. Besides, I don't know how I would pull it off because Alex often watches the show with me. Hmm...maybe I should apply anyway. I mean, what are the chances of getting picked? But if I am, can I have John Bruce?

I haven't finished catching up on Tivo for the week because we've been so busy and also because of the new sewing machine. Oh, and add Netflix to that list. Tonight's Apprentice night though. I don't care for either of the two. Tana reminds me of a bad drag queen and Kendra is just damn annoying, but I think Tana is the more qualified to win. We'll see what happens!


staci said...

Staci, this is funny, but my name is Staci too and live in California. Saw your name and blog on the Rosie website. I love the Amazing Race too and wrote about it a couple times on my Blog (but ended up deleting them for some odd reason). Anyways, check out my blog if you want:

what a small world!

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