Thursday, May 05, 2005

Child, Do You Need an Intervention?

You know, it's amazing what people do in the name of love. You would think that if someone was treating you like the lowest, stinkest shit on the earth and continued to do so, you would leave. Get out. Go away, far away from the situation as possible. Just leave the relationship and say fuck it because, come on now, who wants to deal with that kind of bullshit? You should never be with someone that continually breaks you down so that they can feel superior. But alas, some people like that kind of drama and just keep running back to a bad situation almost like it's an addiction.

My batphone rang again today, and it's my Phone-a-Friend on the other end. Yes, the one that always keeps me in the know. (Love you! ;)) Apparently someone did not participate in yesterday's affirmation because after all the drama that went down, after all the hurtful words that were spoken, after that person took their shit, left and said that they were done...THEY WENT BACK! WHAT THE FUCK!?! Why? WHY!?! Please help me understand! No seriously, help me understand not only why you went back to this bullshit situation, but also what things you love about The Asshole because frankly I don't see any remote redeeming qualities there. Look friend, you can do SOOOOOO much better than that! You don't need all that crap that is continuously flung at you. Please stop putting up with all the bullshit because you don't deserve to be treated that way. Can you tell me why you want to be with said Asshole? What things do you love about them? Because if you can name one good reason why you love The Asshole and continue to be treated like this, then tell me and I'll never say any stink thing about the Degrader-that-says-awful-things-to-you-and-you-keep-staying-
with-that-person ever again. Pinky swear. I love you Friend and only want what's best for you!

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