Thursday, October 16, 2008


Later this afternoon, I have to go and get some blood work done at the doctor's office, so I'm fasting today and hating it. :( I haven't eaten since 8:30 last night! Hello?! I'm from Hawaii and Hawaii people were not made to fast. It's just not in our DNA. It's only supposed to be a 12 hour fast, but I wanted to wait until Alex could take me and that won't be until this afternoon. Ugh, I have a hunger headache! I'm also this even healthy for me? I thought they said that I couldn't skip meals? AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FOOD COMMERCIALS ON TV?! I'm sorry. I promised that I wouldn't complain in my blogs so much. Today's just not a good day.

I'm constantly running a mental list in my head today, of things that I want to eat after my blood tests. So far everything is Filipino food such as dinuguan, bangus, pinakbet, puto, kusinta, rice, beef sinigang, beef caldereta, etc. I'd go for Zippys too if they had that here--zip pack, chili frank, beef curry, zip min, oxtail soup, fried noodles, wun tun min, katsu, surf pack, broasted chicken (do they still have that? Or is it just fried now?), hamburger steak, teriyaki... Ooh, Korean food sounds so ono as well! Korea House! I'll take the dinner combination #1 with the bbq chicken, beef and pork, with a side of mundoo, some bi bim bap and soju. Don't forget my sides--kim chi, pickled turnip, seaweed, etc., and extra cucumber kim chi please! I see a comfort food pattern developing. By the way, does anyone know a recipe for those triangular Chinese rice cakes that the manapua man sells? I miss those. I tried to make it once but it was a bad recipe and it came out to be more of a weird looking mochi than a rice cake. E-mail me if you have a recipe. :) Ok, I have to stop talking about food because all I have is my trusty Evian bottle for the day. Hmph!

On a serious note, this makes me thankful that my family and I have a good place to live, and we're not out on the streets wondering where our next meal is coming from. Thank you God for providing a good life for us, and giving us the blessings that you do each day.

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