Friday, October 03, 2008

$700 billion is still less than $810 billion right?

The Senate has passed another bailout package, this time at $810 billion instead of $700 billion. This time the bill is "laden with pork", including:
  • $223M for Alaskan fisherman
  • $192M for rum producers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
  • $128M for auto racing
  • $33M for companies operating in American Samoa
  • $10M for film & TV production
  • $6M for producers of wooden arrows
Rum producers?! Wooden arrow manufacturers?! Are you kidding me? That entire list is ridiculous and unbelievable! This is where our money is that could benefit someone that actually needs it? I am dumbfounded! How many of these bills that have been previously passed has crap like this in it? And wasn't one of the reasons why they voted against the previously proposed bill was because $700 billion was just too much money? I don't get it. We'll see if this one is passed...

I'm off to sit in the backyard and whittle arrows out of pencils so I can qualify for part of that $6 million!

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