Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi Blog! Who are you again?

I know, I haven't written in this bitch fo' days! Seems like it took me over an hour just dusting off the cobwebs! LOL Too much to say, too much typing to do, and my carpal tunnel can't handle all that action. I think I'm only blogging now to put off getting my out-of-shape ass working out with the weights and on the treadmill. Can Ms. Lazy have a do over on the bod? One that can rock a little black dress or attend a red carpet function if need be? I promise I'll be good this time! I remember when I was 110 lbs in high school thinking that I was akofat! What the heck was I thinking?

My brother and sister are the skinny asses in the family. I mean seriously, they don't even have to try! Why did I get stuck with the fat genes? WTF!?! Life sucks sometimes, don't you think? I know, wah wah wah. Whatever! Let me whine!

So Alex has been telecommuting from home a lot since his new position. It's got its good points as well as bad. I think it's funny that I used to complain that I never get to see him enough and then ta da! Here he is, all holed up in my bedroom like gold at Ft. Knox and all up on the phone like it's going out of style. j/k It's part of his job, but hello?! He looks like Lily Tomlin on Laugh In doing the operator bit! Oh wait, did I just date myself? Really, I'm not THAT old! I saw it on Nick at Nite repeats! LOL And can anyone tell me how do you get work done if you're almost always on a conference call? So what are the bad points you say? I still never get to see him, much less talk to him using more than 5 words at a time and he's only down the hall. He also works more hours from home than if he actually went INTO the office, and I feel like I'm invading his space...which is MY bedroom, whenever I have to go in there for anything. Oh, and talk about stressed! He's more stressed out now than he's ever been. Talk about fun to be around! (sigh) When we actually have time to ourselves at night, he's either busy with work or falling asleep on me so I never get to talk to him anyway! Maybe I can find a phone-a-friend on Craigslist? LOL I guess we all have trouble finding our balance sometimes but it's so frustrating!

Anyhoo, I'm still on my baby making mission but he still hasn't changed his stance yet. He's stressing about money as usual, but shoot...if my sister can handle life with 5 kids, wouldn't we be fine with 3 (maybe 4)? He used to tell me, "my only concern is your back, honey." So now after having a disc replacement surgery, the back's ok. I have my days where it's achy but it's not like I'm laid up for days like I used to be. I know I can carry a baby. See? I had a feeling that was all BS and that it's always been about the money! I feel like my clock is ticking and my uterus is collecting dust bunnies and cobwebs. What if I can't have a baby by the time he's FINALLY ready?

(This next part may be TMI, so skip down if you're not down with reading about birth control pills and baby making. LOL)

I stopped taking my bc pills. I felt that my body needed a break from the hormones and that I should stop taking it soon if I want any chance of having a baby in the near future. The pill that I was on was estrogen-free and acts just like the shot, so it could take FOREVER for it to be out of my system. I've read where people couldn't conceive for at least 3 years because of that kind of birth control messing up their baby making cycle. So being as AR as he is I'm sure I'll see some Trojans in the shopping cart the next time we're at the grocery store. Hello?! Control issues! I ask you people, when we got married did that give him the lock and key to my womb as well? He won't even talk about having a baby. Talk! Who made him the keeper of all things regarding Staci's uterus? Ugh! All of this gives me a headache! I love him dearly but sometimes I am 2 steps away from finding a baby daddy donor on Craigslist! Handsome and intelligent inquiries only please.

(End baby making talk...for now!)

Meanwhile, as I blog my uterus (oops, there's that word again) out to you, my sister is cracking me up...although what just happened to her is no joke! She is texting me (hopefully not while she's driving!) and telling me about how this lady wanted to turn, almost hit a car, and that car almost hit them. She's going on about her road rage and how she will give them the finger and yell out the window while she's following them, even if it's a guy or an older person. LOL I love my sister! We are so much alike! I bet you didn't know that road rage is hereditary! Oh yes, we got the rage from my dad, whom I have witnessed almost running someone off the road not once, but TWICE and I know he's done it more times than that! I won't go that far because I am not into public transportation, but I will tailgate you like a crazy person while screaming until you are piss-your-pants scared and changing lanes. I know, psycho right? Of course I will never do that with the kids in the car, but seriously I cannot handle driving. Between idiots on the road and back pains, that is why I rarely drive! Why are people such stupid drivers? Please do the world a favor and take a class to learn some skills! My high blood pressure and I thank you!

Ok, so I've managed to procrastinate for an hour and a half and now I feel like my day is wasting away. I guess it's finally time to hit the treadmill and weights so that I can get my day started. LOL

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