Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fish and Poi Wit Some Local Kine Grindzzzz!!!

I wrote this almost a year ago, but somehow never published the post. Since I haven't blogged in awhile, I decided to post this unfinished blog while I read over my posts and visit the memories. :)

"...I like my fish and poi, I'm a big boy, lomi salmon, pipikaula, extra-large lilikoi...squid and chicken luau, don't forget the lau lau, beef or tripe stew just to name a few, oh yeah! Can't forget papa's speciality and mama's poi mochi. Smoke meat, shoyu poke with da rice can make a bad day fill you nice..."

I'm sooo craving local kine food right now. :( Thank goodness we have an L and L here and other Hawaiian bbq restaurants, along with a nice mix of Asian grocery stores or else I'd be doing a lot more cooking than I usually do (which hasn't been a lot lately. LOL)! Alex and the kids are on the way home from Alexis' soccer game and are stopping to get me a Pork lau lau combination plate w/chicken, a portuguese sausage musubi, an order of 5 malasadas and a large fruit punch. No, I'm not planning on finishing it all in one sitting...who doesn't like a little taste of everything? ;-) Our L and L here isn't nearly as ono as the authentic ones in Hawaii, but it will do for a craving fix. (Sidenote: My husband is such a sweetie! He's also stopping at Lourde's Ice Cream to get me a halo halo! Awww! :) Yum!)

Anyway, anywhere else pales in comparision to the selection of food from Hawaii, and it's nice that I was fortunate to grow up among such diversity.

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