Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Doin' the Happy Dance

Ikea opened in West Sac today! WOO HOO! :) I've been watching the local news coverage of the grand opening and it's quite an event. I wish I could be there! I WILL be there as soon as my back is healthy. I loooooove Ikea! We bought a lot of our furniture from them when we first moved into our house...3 couches, coffee table, 2 bookshelves, computer hutch, tv cabinet, lighting, etc. We got up early, drove all the way down to Emeryville, had breakfast there, and did our shopping thing. We ended up having most of the things shipped because of course we couldn't fit all of that into the Forerunner, but it was so much fun...not to mention the fact that we saved a lot of $$$ because they are such reasonably priced. Some people might think that Ikea is cheap, but the things that we bought still look brand new, are working out well for us, and we love it...AND I loved putting everything together. Aah, the Ikea phenomenon!

My new laptop is here and I'm in love :) It arrived 2 days ago and I have been in techie heaven ever since. Dell is the bomb! I swear we got it in less than a week! Last night we hooked it up to the TIVO to start transferring some of our saved programs to burn onto dvd. We got it with the media center package, so it has a built in tv tuner and a remote so we could use it as an extra TIVO to record some of our favorite shows. It also has a built in wireless card so I've got internet while I'm here on the living room couch. Now it's not that I can't be away from the computer and the internet. It's just that now I don't have to struggle to sit in the desk chair for a few minutes while I use the computer. YAY!

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