Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Admitting It Is The First Step!

I have a problem.

When it comes to certain stores or websites, there is no such thing as a small purchase for me. It is just impossible for me to go in, buy one thing, and get out. I will ultimately get sucked in and spend the usual average $ amount that I often spend there. For example, I love Longs. I mean LOOOOOOVE passionately! It started when I was younger and living in Hawaii, and all of the Longs stores there have such cute things...things that are only sold in Hawaii. Back then I could walk into a Longs and have control, back in the days of only having a weekly $20 allowance and having to budget, but nowadays not so much self control. Not that I don't have to budget now, but I always spend an average of $100 there! Beauty products, hair stuff, seasonal items, seasonal clearance items, even the grocery items are always high frequency items on my list. So most recently, since I'm home most of the time, I went shopping at MAC online because I was out of concealer and had to restock. No, I couldn't just get the concealer and check out. I HAD to get the other things that I've been "needing" and the grand total came out to $170. At least I qualified for free shipping, right? LOL Just last Friday, hubby and I went shopping at the new Ikea because the kids were spending the weekend over at my parent's house and we needed to get some curtains for the living room. Back pains and achy legs weren't enough to keep me from hobbling around the store and getting my shop awn! I was dying when we finally paid and got into the car, and couldn't wait to get home, but no...we didn't just get the curtains and go. We slowly made our way around the store (which is purposely built like a maze) picking things up here and there and spent over 2 hours and 20 minutes there shopping...which after the 15 to 20 minute car ride was 2 hours and 20 minutes too long for me to be out! Two shopping bags full (remind me to get a cart next time because we never just get a few things at Ikea!) and one plant, and almost $400 later, I was too sore but happy that I got to be out and about and shopping in one of my favorite stores.

Hi! My name is Staci, and I have a shopping problem.

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