Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This and That

I went back in for a followup with my back specialist on Friday. It turns out that basically there's no jelly in one of my donuts! DUH! Isn't it funny how we often simplify the complicated in terms of food? LOL So my "treat"ment is that I get to go back in for trigger point shots into my back and then follow up with a spinal epidural. Whee...HAH! And I thought epidurals were only for labor and delivery! I hate needles but I guess I'll get used to it now since I plan on getting some plastic surgery done in a few years! ;)

Saturday was my son's birthday. I can't believe that I have an 8 year old! We're throwing him a rollerskating party in a couple of weeks with 15 to 20 of his friends, in addition to the family lunch gathering that his Nana and Papa had at their house AND the ice cream cone cupcakes he had brought to school for his class yesterday. Isn't it nice to have 3 birthday celebrations? He's worth it though and has never had a birthday party with his friends! Wish us luck...and patience!

Here's a tip for you all--if someone is playing hackysack in front of you, make sure you let them know that you would like to play before joining in. I was barefoot yesterday and thought that my husband was passing me the hackysack. I tried to kick it and ended up getting kicked in the toes by my husband, who was still wearing shoes! OUCH! I now have a lovely bruise in shades of green, blue and purple. My daughter said, "Mommy at least it's in pretty colors!" Aah, gotta love kids at this age when they often turn lemons into lemonade. :)

This morning I got a call from my husband on his way to work. As he was dropping the kids off at school, 3 police cars drove by them in the parking lot with 2 already on the scene. It turns out that a bull had gotten through the fence and was loose on the playground. Rural excitement at its finest folks, but I'm certainly not complaining! Thank goodness it was just a bull and not some psycho-crazed person!

By the way, have I told you about the new tv?

We got it as an anniversary gift to ourselves last month and I'm still in love with it. The only downside is that now our entertainment center has turned into a shelf/buffet and all of our components are now stacked on the floor until we find some kind of shelving solution. Aah well...at least I don't have to wear my glasses or squint when I'm trying to watch tv. (And yes, I was watching Viva La Bam when I took the picture!)

Anyway, I'm glad that autumn will be here soon. The weather has cooled off a lot and it's already starting to feel like it here in the valley. Love it!

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